Four-part miniseries with Hape Kerkeling in the leading role

In 1995, the satire "Club Las Piranjas" about the all-inclusive vacation quickly achieved cult status - it was finally continued in 2023 with a four-part mini-series.

The original cast is back on board: Hape Kerkeling plays the now aged Edwin Öttel, who has long since given up his career as an entertainer and who "hasn't really done much right in life, but has done a lot wrong".

When his past suddenly catches up with him and he is sent on a secret mission, the former entertainment legend returns to the vacation paradise, where more than just annoying package tourists are waiting.

A reunion with Edwin's former colleague Biggi, played then as now by Angelika Milster, and the hotel manager Renate Wenger, once again played by Judy Winter, is also "all inclusive".