Eva and Toni are the best sisters in the universe. Two women who are wired completely differently, but still live together. Why? Because you can’t choose your family

Our “Beste Schwestern” (Best Sisters) are completely normal, hard-working people – well, single-mother and zookeeper Eva Gumpert (Mirja Boes) is at least. Her sister Toni (Sina Tkotsch) is not as hard-working, instead always on the lookout for fun. After three years in Ibiza, unemployed and aimless, she moves back in with her sister.

Eva works as a zookeeper at Cologne Zoo. At home, her worries are about her somewhat precocious daughter Marie. Eva’s exhaustion when shift work and bringing up a twelve-year-old use up the last of her energy is familiar to many (except Toni). So it hits all the harder when love once again turns to disappointment and the happiness she longs for still seems so far away even in her late 30s.

But Eva and Toni don’t let things get them down, ever! They face the problems of everyday life with passion, courage and a sense of humour – and, if necessary, also with actions that aren’t entirely legal. But they’re happy to take the risk. After all, the most important thing they have is family...because at the end of the day, blood is thicker than water!