In Marco Petry’s somewhat unusual Christmas comedy, Maren Kroymann and Ulrike Kriener play two very different sisters who don’t get on at all. After bitter blows of fate just before the holiday, they find themselves relying on each other – and bitching and digs that would send the Christmas baubles flying ensue...

Christmas, the holiday of love, is just around the corner and big city diva Mona (Maren Kroymann) is in her element. Yet she actually can’t stand Christmas and the touchy-feely sentimentality at all.

Nevertheless, everything has to be perfect: the biggest tree, the most expensive gifts, the most exclusive buffet. Unfortunately everything doesn’t go according to plan, because her husband Gregor dies of a heart attack two weeks before Christmas.

As if that weren’t enough, Mona finds out that her husband has not only cheated on her with his assistant, but also deprived her of the entire family fortune.

Mona’s life is in ruins. Mona’s son Jonas (Max Bretschneider) calls her younger sister Marie (Ulrike Kriener) into action, knowing full well that the two sisters have actually fallen out. Things aren’t exactly going well for the spiritual Marie either: her holiday home on the island of Pellworm isn’t making her any money, and her partner Harald (Peter Prager) suddenly comes out as homosexual. A change is just what she needs, even though she knows that her annoying sister will drive her up the wall.

So they bitch and bicker enough to make the Christmas baubles fly, but also secretly fight for each other, although neither of them would ever admit it. Eventually they both come to realise that they need each other. Will it be a nice Christmas after all?