Where skippers from all over Europe, dock workers in shirt sleeves and nouveau riche recreational boaters meet, this is the stomping ground of the Duisburg coast guard

The team of WaPo Duisburg (Duisburg Coast Guard) investigates at the port of Duisburg, the world’s largest inland port in the heart of the Ruhr district. The investigators solve every case – whether murder, robbery or blackmail – with honest Ruhr district charm, criminological finesse and unusual methods.

The new colleagues Arda Turan (Yasemin Cetinkaya) and Gerhard Jäger (Markus John) could not be more different: two generations collide, keen newcomer meets experienced veteran, direct Ruhr district sass meets overly intellectual old grump. They make an unbeatable team and solve every case – precisely because they are opposites.

A production commissioned by WDR for ARD.