The new combination of comedy, fiction and authentic stories creates extremely entertaining, hilarious moments on “True Story”. Comedian Michael Mittermeier and TV chef Roland Trettl invite guests with peculiar anecdotes to come on the show and then present them with a surprise: the film version of their crazy story.

We all know them – absurd stories that get better the more you tell them. Actually far too funny or outrageous to be true – but the stories told by the people on “True Story” did indeed happen. In the comedy show, the craziest stories are filmed and staged by famous actors and comedians, including Lilo Wanders, Harry Wijnvoord, Paul Janke, Martin Semmelrogge, Björn Freitag, Wigald Boning, Ralf Möller and more.

At the end, everyone will be rolling in the aisles.