The popular and successful documentary series about craftspeople

Those who urgently need them know how hard they are to get: Good craftspeople are in high demand - even among companies. In two seasons the WDR docutainment format "Passt, wackelt und hat Luft" (Fits, Wobbles and Has Air) shows the everyday lives of apprentices in the skilled trades from North Rhine-Westphalia who have consciously decided against studying or taking an office job. There are reunions with tradespeople from the first season. And there are also completely new teams from completely different fields this time. Nick, Heather, Gina, Gordon, Nick and Arlind start their new phase of life as roofers, carpenters, bricklayers and heating engineers. It is uncertain what awaits the apprentices on the construction sites and what tasks they will face. Fortunately, their trainers, the master craftsmen and journeymen, are closely by their side.