Domian is back! On 9 April 2021, the new season of "Domian live", the late night talk with Jürgen Domian, started on WDR television.

Among his fans, the term "people's pastor" circulates; this beautiful word sums up Domian's qualities to a tee. WDR will be showing five new episodes every two weeks until the summer. The special feature: In the weeks between the TV programmes, an original Domian podcast will be recorded. This will be published in the weeks between the TV broadcasts. This makes "Domian live" the first hybrid production for WDR in which TV and podcast episodes are interlinked. The podcast episodes can be found under the label "Domian 2021" on the usual platforms and in the WDR audio library.

Anyone who would like to be a guest on "Domian live" can call 0800 220 8899 or send an email to

The programme is now produced by WBITVP Deutschland GmbH after being brought on air in 2019 under the umbrella of the former ume gmbh. The podcast is also produced by WBITVP Deutschland GmbH.