Seven celebrity couples want to become "Die Tutorial-Champions" (The Tutorial Champions)

Three combative celebrity couples, four challenges and one goal: to become "Die Tutorial-Champions"! Whether an oversized balloon pig, a samba costume or a multi-tiered buttercream cake - what looks easy pushes the celebrity couples to their limits. "That doesn't look like a pig. It looks like a raspberry," Ross Antony amuses himself. Thorsten Legat has to state in frustration: "I've never done anything so bad." And Jana Schölermann even talks of divorce ... A rollercoaster of emotions for the celebrity couples. Who will keep their nerve and win the three-way battle for celebrity honour?

In each episode of the new early evening format, three celebrity couples compete against each other in their homes in four crazy and funny tutorial challenges. For this, they get the materials and tutorial videos that show exactly how it's done - even without prior knowledge. From perfect drag queen makeovers to building a luxurious bird villa to carving an ice sculpture - who can implement the tutorials better and more creatively? With the help of jokers, the pairs can make the tasks more difficult for each other. After the allotted time has elapsed, they judge each other's "works of art" and choose "Die Tutorial-Champions".