Many a secret has been revealed on "Cash or Trash" and countless antiques have changed hands in the dealers' room. But time and again the question arises as to what actually happens to the objects after they have been sold.

What did the dealers do with them? Now there is an answer to this question. In "Cash or Trash – Life of The Objects", the focus is on the further development of the objects. How is a piece refurbished, how much effort is involved, and what are the costs? And how does the price change afterwards? An old, unadorned cradle is turned into a colourful eye-catcher, a 4-carat ring is transformed into two new pieces of jewellery, and a pair of old skis is upcycled into a fancy table. Five 45-minute episodes of "Cash or Trash – Life of The Objects " are broadcast every fortnight on Sunday afternoons.