Eight-part web and TV series within the framework of the small television play.

To prevent the closure of their department, two constitutional protectors invent an Islamist terror cell in their small village.

Niederlützel, a remote backwater in North Rhine-Westphalia, has been home to a small, sleepy constitutional protection department for decades because of an insignificant, brief RAF history. Its two officers, Mechthild Dombrowski (Gudrun Landgrebe) and Paul Horner (Uke Bosse), have nothing to do all day. Then the head office decides to close the location due to underemployment and to transfer its officers far away to Rostock. A catastrophe for Dombrowski and Horner, who decide to invent an Islamic terrorist cell operating in the region in order to give their office a new raison d'être. The plan works at first, but then the situation gets visibly out of control.

Author and director Joseph Bolz and his co-writer and actor Fabian Siegismund are so far mainly present as video producers on the internet. Their first joint web and TV series is a bitingly nasty political satire that shows how quickly racism and media hysteria can arise and fuel populism. It premiered at the 2019 Max Ophüls Preis Film Festival in Saarbrücken.