The emotional documentary of the 2018 Eintracht Frankfurt DFB Cup miracle

30 years after the club's last notable title, Eintracht Frankfurt beats FC Bayern Munich in the spectacular final of the DFB Cup in Berlin. "Die Rückkehr des Pokals" (The Return of the Cup) gives a first-hand account of this victory.

The documentary focuses on the days before the game and takes us to the exciting final, which culminates in the triumphant return of the cup heroes to Frankfurt city hall. The viewers are given deep insights into the team and their support crew, feel the fans' insatiable thirst for success and really experience the special relationship between players and their coach, who had already signed a new contract with the opponent. Players, coaches, fans, legends and officials of the club give emotional descriptions of how they experienced the win. These numerous personal stories are what makes this special day in the history of Eintracht come alive again.

The German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung gave this review: "More exciting than any detective story, this is an emotional roller coaster ride that begins with a clear outsider facing the undisputed favorite. It then turns into an aggressive act of defiance that is encapsulated into a nerve-wracking 90-minute explosion of emotions that, 30 years after the last Eintracht title, moves thousands both in the stadium and in front of their TV screens to tears...”.


Cinema / 90 minutes