The Bundesliga team Eintracht Frankfurt on their way to and their progress through the UEFA Europa League

In the 15-part documentary series "Countdown für Europa - Eintracht Frankfurt" (Countdown to Europe – Eintracht Frankfurt), the German television channel NITRO accompanied the Bundesliga team Eintracht Frankfurt as they made their way to and progressed through the UEFA Europa League. This is the first time that a professional German football team has allowed the cameras to follow them and the documentary provides exciting insights into the world of a Bundesliga club as they compete at an international level – this is something that has never been seen before on German television! From a range of different perspectives, the elaborately produced Warner Bros. ITVP Deutschland documentary shows what goes on during the Europa League games played by the historic German football club. Viewers will experience first-hand everything that takes place in the 48 hours preceding an Eintracht Frankfurt Europa League game – that means the preparations, the travel, the expectations and the tension.

Told from the point of view of various protagonists, the documentary aims to make tangible this most exciting and emotional time in the build-up to a football match. There are players, coaching and support crew employees, and club staff; each of them with own perspectives and stories on what constitutes the inner workings of an ambitious Bundesliga team.