Roland Trettl and his team invite their singles to Croatia from February 2021 in season 2. And there they will flirt for all they're worth at the First Dates Hotel.

Meeting the great love at the hotel bar?! The VOX dating documentary "First Dates Hotel" already proved that this actually works with the first season from the south of France. For season 2, Roland Trettl and his team are now heading to Croatia - and even on the Adriatic the singles don't just get to know each other over dinner, if they like each other they can even spend the rest of the holiday together. VOX will show who will spark off the relationship in six episodes starting on 8 February at 8:15 pm.

Instead of "Bienvenue", the singles on "First Dates Hotel" will hear "Dobrodošli" in season 2, because this time VOX welcomes the love-hungry men and women to beautiful Croatia. However, nothing has changed in the successful concept of the show: The singles check into the "First Dates Hotel" for a love holiday. And after a blind date at a romantic dinner, they can spend more days with their date partner if they are interested. The holidaymakers are supported on their dates by host Roland Trettl and his team.