One charming man, a villa with 22 beautiful women and the search for true love: "Der Bachelor" (The Bachelor) delivers romance, trouble and lots of pounding hearts.

The single ladies are all ready to flirt and fight to win the Bachelor for themselves. Whose strategy is the best? Who is above board and who just wants to play? Finding this out on various dates is no easy task for the Bachelor. Week by week, he gets to know the ladies better and tries to find out which lady makes his heart beat faster in exclusive one-on-one and group dates in front of picturesque backdrops. At the weekly “Rose Ceremony” he has to make a decision: only those who are given a red rose by the Bachelor at the end of each show and accept it are allowed to stay and have the chance to go on more romantic dates. At the end, four of the ladies get the chance to introduce their friends and family to the sought-after Bachelor. The last three ladies go on exotic dream dates with him — but only the two finalists get to meet his family. Who will the Bachelor choose in the end?